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Snowmen Six on a Muffin Tin


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Snowman on a Vintage Enamel Pot Cover


Item collection 3069820 original

Please Snow Im a Teacher Sign


Item collection 2104361 original

Snowmen Mini Muffin Tin


Item collection 577506 original

Snowmen Pedestal Mugs


Item collection 597612 original

Snowman on a Vintage Cake Pan


Item collection 3108498 original

Snowman Muffin Tin Decor


Item collection 2111365 original

Jack Frost Vintage Pie Pan


Item collection 3121834 original

Penguin Tea Light Holder


Item collection 3188235 original

Mr. Snowman Recycled Peanut Jar


Item collection 2061126 original

Snowman Winter Vase


Item collection 3133722 original

Blue Snowflakes on My Tea Light Holder


Item collection 2076489 original

Snowmen Sugar Packet Holder


Item collection 2018507 original

Snowman-Let It Snow Sign


Item collection 607592 original

Snowmen Wooden Pestle Couple


Item collection 597914 original

Snowman Candy Dish


Item collection 3125532 original

Snowman Tea Light Holder


Item collection 608661 original

Snowmen Mini Salt and Pepper Shakers


Item collection 6510855 original

Snowman Bowl


Item collection 6624770 original

Shimmering Snowman Tea Light


Item collection 6613999 original

Winter Shadows Oil Lamp


Item collection 3175364 original

Twelve Snowmen on an Ovenex Muffin Tin


Item collection 639301 original

Cold Hands Warm Heart Wooden Mittens


Item collection 489441 original

Penguin Tag Decoration


Item collection 2100224 original

Warm Winter Greetings Sign


Item collection 629976 original

Snow Place Like Home Sign


MonkMama54's Shoppe of Decorative Painting and More

WELCOME to my Zibbet shoppe of decorative painting, recycling and more!! In this shoppe you will find many different items including glass pieces,wooden signs,cards,home decor,oil lamps & many up-cycled items. Have fun browsing!!

I paint on just about everything & have fun doing it! I like to find vintage treasures to paint on & recycle!! I do many other crafts that might show up here in my shop also! I am from central New York and I am very glad you stopped in to visit! Take a browse around my Zibbet shoppe & enjoy! Stop in often, as new things will show up at anytime! Thanks for looking & please come in to visit again! If you live local to me & see an item you'd like, please email me & we can arrange for you to pick-up & save postage! Buy handmade & help the economy! I also have another Zibbet shop of vintage, wedding & fun things at: