Item collection ee060ef7 223a 47e1 92d7 24a9fcf95f85

Prim Welcome Round Band Box Star


Item collection 5fb2373a 75ba 4c30 a000 d9704681e4b6

Elephant on a Moss Green Tea Light Holder


Item collection ab76ad5d 167a 4629 be95 49219a9b718e

STAR Tea Light Holder


Item collection 1949002 original

Flowered Camp Coffee Pot-Upcycled


Item collection 281cc822 adb0 4062 af58 38c31d887321

Cottage Chic Lavender Candle Stick Holder


Item collection 054fe5ae f198 4f1b b8ee 5174b9f62938

PRIMS Round Band Box


Item collection 91c2e8aa 8c26 4509 a6ec b551f57958e6

Daffodils on a Glass Jar


Item collection ebfeb01b 2c6b 42d1 a262 b37aaeaee47d

Cottage Chic Blue Tea Light Holder


Item collection 34a49504 0c13 4670 9e4c 880a2e01da8f

Cottage Chic Candle Holder


Item collection eaef0bb8 6d55 46d3 9ed3 dde7595bbe48

Shabby Chic Lavender Candle Holders


Item collection 817152 original

Blueberry Welcome Candle Light Shade


Item collection 2055092 original

Berry Branch Tea Light Jar


Item collection 1150049 original

LOVE MUCH Vintage Baking powder Tin


Item collection 3308835 original

Rose on a Glass Heart Dish


Item collection eb8307f4 0ab2 456e 9d13 6b323b2d18c3

Prim Pillow-Hand Painted Star HOPE


Item collection c2cddaf1 4ff4 4d37 bbe4 d4d948df7d30

Young at Heart Band Box


Item collection fcdd34ef d7cc 4629 bfcd 824492e10104

Octagon Hand Painted Bottle


Item collection ea0c8691 4d86 4c25 b492 e6acb05d86ea

Primitive Candle Holder


Item collection f553b451 2ccb 4b7f bfa2 e971406aca27

Primitive at Heart Holder


Item collection 1c500f4d 0b5d 4d31 9f4c 91df31c29ca4

Black Coil Prim Candle Holder


Item collection 7233432 original

Prim Plate with Heart


Item collection 2229199 original

Gold Flowered Red Bottle


Item collection 3ebaa773 cae1 4db8 8cdf 9d6ae8722922

Pink Be Kind Bottle


Item collection 9910771b f1c1 47b1 9b5e bfe4611e46f5

Country Heart Box with Cover


Item collection bcaf0076 16fb 4c9f 8cd8 922141593163

I Love JUNK Shelf Sitter


Item collection 800063 original

Heart Shaped Bottle


Item collection 3076895 original



Item collection 1975848 original

FAMILY Heart Decoration


Item collection 6849221 original

Red Heart Dish


Item collection 6851754 original

Hearts and Roses Tea Light Holder


Item collection 6932870 original

Heart on Burlap Hanging


Item collection 2380115 original

Heart Candle Holder


Item collection b8ba3e79 f479 4889 8294 dbac4d1f383c

Family Heart Box


Item collection 3527843 original

Love is Sweet Rusty Heart


Item collection 1408833 original

Heart Candle Holder with Sunflower


Item collection 1986952 original

Friends Heart Decoration


Item collection 2304409 original

Lovin Ewe Tag Decoration


Item collection 1923028 original

Home Heart Decoration


Item collection 3195006 original

Jesus Loves Me Heart Magnet


Item collection 48dab610 65e7 4d51 98e0 7a46313be26e

Primitive Simplify the Season Bottle


Item collection 0d52b7a8 0e27 4cb2 9beb 8ea74f53e803



Item collection 3263089 original

Dip In Chocolate Shelf Block


Item collection 6267951 original

Punched Tin Decoration with Heart


Item collection 2026674 original

Angel Candlestick Holders-Set of Two


Item collection b5251d76 0cec 4f70 bc5e 14d76e10ad25

Spices Vintage Pestle Prim Decor


Item collection b3f7c73c 88b7 4067 b557 e15c61e5823e

Wish Upon a Vintage Bottle


Item collection 6f02dbd9 8434 45a8 971e 7855d2f1af4c

Friends Round Lavender Holder


Item collection 7c76cf33 5224 4e68 abc7 a0eb55ace57b

HOPE Round Vintage Painted Bottle


Item collection b2cb9497 f8f0 43f4 9e15 11a8f240f1e7

Little Burgundy Jug with Daisies Vintage


Item collection 1165533 original

Heart Shaped Candle Holder with Daisies


Item collection 3343553 original

Grapes on a Purple Tea Light Holder


Item collection 2740794 original

Flowered Candle tray


Item collection 3746470 original

Daisies Blue Glass Tea Light


Item collection 3660570 original

Sunflower Azure Blue Tea Light Holder


Item collection 3436069 original

Sunflower Oil Lamp


Item collection 668843 original

Primitive Green Wool Hen Decor


Item collection 2420618 original

Bunny Flora Adorable


Item collection 2421098 original

Bunny Lola with Hearts


Item collection 47794042 9688 412f aa6f 98d36965af01

Hearts and Vines Prim Tin


Item collection 2522029 original

Sunflower Magnet


MonkMama54's Shoppe of Decorative Painting and More

WELCOME to my Zibbet shoppe of decorative painting, recycling and more!! In this shoppe you will find many different items including glass pieces,wooden signs,cards,home decor,oil lamps & many up-cycled items. Have fun browsing!!

I paint on just about everything & have fun doing it! I like to find vintage treasures to paint on & recycle!! I do many other crafts that might show up here in my shop also! I am from central New York and I am very glad you stopped in to visit! Take a browse around my Zibbet shoppe & enjoy! Stop in often, as new things will show up at anytime! Thanks for looking & please come in to visit again! If you live local to me & see an item you'd like, please email me & we can arrange for you to pick-up & save postage! Buy handmade & help the economy! I also have another Zibbet shop of vintage, wedding & fun things at: